Tuesday, 2 April 2013

2nd April

Time is going fast I do not feel too guilty as no one has posted since I last did, this year is going fast I do not kown where march went. I have been busy doing exchanges have not picked up my owls since last posting, I now have till August to finish them as I will give them as a birthday present instead


Wednesday, 27 February 2013

No Internet connection

We have no Internet connection at home at the moment waiting for it to be fixed,
been on nights so have not done much stitching on my project as I have just completed an exchange.
Once we are connected again we post a picture.


Sunday, 17 February 2013


Morning Ladies ok not in moody to have the usual burble on still having kidney stone problems and sick and tired of seeing A & E on a weekly basis.
Heres my knitting up date scarf is finished and so far have 7 squares for blanket going to try a different stitch today i.e purl and knit.

Love Tara xxx

Monday, 11 February 2013

Jayne's update

Sorry I didn't post last week had toothache and ended up having a wisdom tooth extracted so not in the mood for stitching last week, so this is what I should have posted last week. the owls are coming along this is no 4 only the top and bottom to do. I have not even done any knitting but have been on a basic crochet workshop before the toothache started as I would love to be able to crochet too.


Sunday, 10 February 2013

Woof woof

The boys are finished, now to the hard part for me, following instructions to attach them to the draught excluder lol Can you tell my finishing skills are very poor.

Hope all is well with everyone? Looking forward to everyone's updates including the followers that haven't posted yet, come on let's see what you are stitching and of course your progress.

Love kath

Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Hi Girlies,
First of all i am feeling a lots brighter kidney stones still there but not as painfull and slowly dislodgeing themselves so sorry for my absence and i just did not have the energy to go on the computer.

Second of all i would like to say well done to everyone for keeping on top of their posts and projects so great going ladies i'm proud of you and i'm the one who gets the slap on the hand for missing a weeks update.

And THIRDLY i wish to slap both Kath and Jayne on the back of their hands you horrible girls due to not being able to do my cross stitch as it was to annoying whilst i was ill i thought i would try a bit of knitting which i have never done before in my life......now thanks to you TWO KATH & JAYNE  the carousel has made it to the back of the wardrobe and i have got the KNITTING BUG !!!!! so therefore i am also doing a patch knitted blanket have 7 patches all together and all different colours....and also doing this fan stripped scarf....i haven't got the photos yet so will get the camara out and update with my knitting bug !!! It really is an evil craft and so addictive........so beware girls i might be emailing you for patterns (easy ones) until this bug has passed.

Have a great week ladies.
Love Tara xxx

My first February update

I've only got the cream background to finish and then it's done. I've ordered the backing pillow and insert, but then the hard bit or me, putting it together.

Love Kath

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Chris checking in!

Hi Stitching Sisters,

I am afraid I haven't stitched this week. I haven't been well and needed something needing less effort, so have been knitting.

But I shall be getting my Anniversaries of the Heart this week. I want to finish this number 3 before we go away middle of February so I had best get my needles 'smoking'  now!

Happy Stitching all

Hope you're loads better Tara.

Chris x

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Chris's update

Just a little bit of stitching from me, a few evenings I fell asleep! All this snow makes me want to curl up and be a dormouse! LOL
It doesn't show very well but I have stitched all the border around the inner picture.
Hope you're feeling better Tara and everyone is well and stitching.
Chris x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Jayne's update

I have actually done more than I thought I would this week, we have had snow since Thursday so yesterday stayed in and stitched I have also been knitting squares for a blanket this week as I have joined a group doing a mystery blanket this is one of my squares.


Hi Ladies, I do not have a stitch done was taken ill on Friday although i was feeling not to great the whole week, Friday started with severe pain in side and back, tipping medicine cabinate up side down and taken what ever would help ....NOTHING i know i've got two children but was lucky and had cesareans with the both of them so i cant really comment on child birth but oh my lord what agony, so theres hubby and mum at 1pm in the afternoon telling me to go to A & E and me telling them no it will go away, ok dragged myself to bed the blo..dy pain didn't even knock me out...come 4 am one decides that maybe i should of gone to A & E hours earlier, so theres me and hubby sneaking out of the house at 5 am in the not to waken any one including the pup, we has hurricane winds on the way luckly our hopsital it 10 minutes away, so there i was in p jams wheel chair rushed in and put on pain killers kept me in for 5 hours pain killer were a treat so said i was fine can i go home !!!! wrong move they said i have kidney stones gave me meds and antibiotics and sent me home my god i have been dying all weekend and in bed cant move at all, only reason i'm sat here at laptop hubby just collecting me to take me back to hospital to get better pain relief. I do not intend to stay in just wants some knock me out pain killers and i'll be fine will pray with my Angels and ask the spirit for a guide. Right i'm off ladies.....wheres everyone elses update !!!....Kath i so need a nice knitted patchwork blanket to curl into pmsl xxx Love you all xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

I'm a failure

Ok so I haven't got off to a very good start with my stocking and my draught excluder as unfortunately the  weather, work and a book called 200 knitted blocks for blankets, throws etc etc got in the way!! I've rekindle my knitting days and thought what a lovely way to do some different knitting patterns and make them into a throw. Yes at the moment I seem to be easily distracted but I promise once I've sorted oops really mean tidied my stash corner I can plan my crafting evenings and try and alternate stuff.

Oops I also forgot to blame being dragged to the cinema yesterday (wasn't really dragged as I was the chauffeur) to see Les Mis. Good film but not really my cup of tea, can't see why people were sobbing in the audience. Now when I saw Marley and me Years ago I rang out of tissues lol

Keep warm and safe if you have snow. I think it's melting here hopefully.

Love kath

Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hi everyone! My name is Linnea and I live in California.
It has been quite cold here lately. Colder than usual it seems like.
Last time I was working on a teddy bear picture. 
I slacked off on it due to not being able to see the stitches very well.
I may get back to it. 
But in the meantime I found this project sitting around and I had
forgotten that I actually started it at one point.
I am doing the Swedish translation of WELCOME
since I am 1/2 Swedish.

Good luck to all of you on your projects!


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Tara's Update 15/01/2013

Hi Guys ok all the trees have been finished on the left hand side and started the sky i did want to finish the top of the sky at the weekend just gone but was to busy with football matches and work, hoping i'll have a better week this week with more me time.

Love Tara xx

Update for 15/12/13

This is what I have stitched so far since posting the picture on Friday, do not know how much I will have to show next week as I am now going on nights and all I do is sleep and work.

Here is my other dog Whisky who is the Border Terrier he sat still so I could take his picture.


Intro post

Hi all. Im Sierra. I'm a working mom of a toddler boy and a husband, so my stitch time is limited to just a few hours a day.  I have been stitching on and off since my nana taught me when I was about 9.  I have a few WIPs, but for this blog, my focus is Japanese Garden by Martina Rosenberg (chatelaine). I am getting to the end of it, so I really hope I can finish it this year. I have that border I am working on to do all the way around, then I have to bead the entire piece.  Sorry for the quality of the photo, it is winter in Ohio, so not much good light.


Monday, 14 January 2013

First pic/ Jan 14th

Hi all

This is the design  I am stitching for 2013.. It is Blackbird's Anniversaries of the Heart. There are 12 designs and this is the third I am stitching. I decided not to stitch all 12 together as it would be just too big to frame and hang so I am doing groups of my family. This will be four together which will have my own children's birth dates and initials.

I need the encouragement of others to get this done!


Sunday, 13 January 2013

Update 13.1.13

Hi Ladies

unfortunately I havent a update of my christmas stocking as it seems that I have failed to pick it up this week. The reason being is that I am addicted to my wool draught excluder which is also cross stitch possibly because the sooner I get it stitched the sooner I can stop the draught around my feet whilst sat on the sofa stitching. Hope you dont mind but I will show you my up to date photo of the draught excluder

sorry for some reason i can turn the photo around but i think you get the picture lol I look forward to seeing wha everyone has been up to.

We have snow forecast for tonight so I am doing a snow dance as if its going to snow then I want it to come down heavy so now work for me tomorrow haha

love kath x

Friday, 11 January 2013


Thank-you for inviting me to participate this year again, this is just what I need to finish a project, I started to stitch this last summer in the hope of giving it as a Christmas present but I have only managed to stitch half of it and had to give the person involved something else with the promise something else is to follow so I really need to finish it pronto, she collects biscornus and I thought this would be a spectacular addition to her collection it is by Just Nan and called the Emma and Eliza meet the Owls of October.

This is how much I have stitched I have managed nearly 3 of the Owls and will start number 4 tonight.

I work shifts and at times it is hard to find time to stitch, I didn't do much last year as I was doing a course at work which involved alot of studying. Here is a picture of one of my dogs she is a 7yr old miniature Jack Russell called Penny I  also have a Border Terrier as well called whisky he is 12 but was hiding when I took penny's picture.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hello all!

Hi everyone and thanks so much for the invite to join the 2013 Stitch along! I am so excited to be here even though you've not heard from me for ages you still invited me over here, so I'll make myself comfy. I do hope I've done this post correctly, as I have not been on the stitch along for so long that I've forgotten.

I am still working on Tiger Pool which I started in July 2011...I know, I'm terrible aren't I but I had a long time off from stitching due to personal problems. However I am now back into the swing of it all and cannot wait to get this one finished as I have my next project all planned out!

This is my progress so far on Tiger Pool, I did the tigers eyes on my last round of stitching but a lot of the bottom part of his face has been done this time around, I am working hard on this.

This is sure to keep me motivated and I'm looking forward to seeing all your work too, I am loving seeing what you're working on :)

Monday, 7 January 2013

First update 2013


Hi Girls Ok managed to download where i had left off a few years ago with the Carousel so you don't all think that i've been a miracle maker and knocked this out in a week this was started in 2010 lets see if it ever gets finished by 2013...Please start to add your projects ladies.
Also for a smile for you all added a photos of what i bought my husband for Christmas she's a Spanish water dog now 10 weeks old...Lol and for those of you who are wondering how come i have a husband we got married in 2011 added that photos to, like i said i want this blog to be about us and our lives.
Love Tara


Sorry forgot to pop onto blog Sunday and Monday, but here is the first photo of the stocking

Love Kath x

Saturday, 5 January 2013

My Christmas Stocking

Well I'm not actually stitching it for me it's for my youngest daughter who will be 20 on Monday lol I have 2 of the shepherds bush christmas stocking kits one for each daughter (my other daughter will be 30 in March) and before you ask NO I haven't had these kits since they were young, I bought them a couple of years ago and they have just got buried under other stash. I started this at the start of December 2012 and my aim is to have stitched both of them by Christmas 2013. Watch this space.

Love Kath x

Thursday, 3 January 2013




Hi Everyone, Ok after removing dust from my unfinished All Our Yesterdays Carousel that i am not even a third through and started it in 2010 !!! I have decided to start off with this one i have added my project to the side bar and will promise to upload a photo later of my progress to date thats when i find the camara that was last seen on New Years Eve !!! For those of you that wish to add your project yourself to the side bar please do so (lol after i've activated your permission to publish on the blog !!!) for those of you who do not know please just either email me or Chris your project and we will add it for you. For any new members who wish to join please feel free to contact us for any advise and info, as you can see i am still playing around with the blog but we must get at least our projects up and running. I want this year the blog to be more relaxed and a small number of members that do enjoy the blogs that is now in it's 3rd year would also like this year that we just add a few photos of ourselves, our family and our four legged friends, unless of course someone has a kangaroo !! lets make it fun and let it be a laugh and a chill out space for us all to enjoy each others company, projects and hobbies.
Love Tara xxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Hi Everyone, yes it's time to make a new blog and start to carry on with our cross stitch projects either new ones or unfinished ones that are sitting at the bottom of the box...ouch i have just found 3 myself !!!!!

The blog is being run this year by myself Tara and Chris as you all know i did take a little break due to getting married and other family affairs so now it is time the get my behind back into gear and start where i left off last year.

Both Chris and I will have this blog up and running in the next week so please "bare with" whilst we change tempates and add odds and sods.

This year i would also like to ask if your daughters would also like to add a project something to start and nothing to big but will hopefully help bond mum and daughters to enjoy our hobby.

As for everyone it does not matter if your project is small or large, easy or difficult it's all just fun and must stay fun and enjoyable.

So on this note i will with you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR MAY IT BE A GOOD ONE FOR ALL.
Love Tara xxx