Thursday, 3 January 2013


Hi Everyone, Ok after removing dust from my unfinished All Our Yesterdays Carousel that i am not even a third through and started it in 2010 !!! I have decided to start off with this one i have added my project to the side bar and will promise to upload a photo later of my progress to date thats when i find the camara that was last seen on New Years Eve !!! For those of you that wish to add your project yourself to the side bar please do so (lol after i've activated your permission to publish on the blog !!!) for those of you who do not know please just either email me or Chris your project and we will add it for you. For any new members who wish to join please feel free to contact us for any advise and info, as you can see i am still playing around with the blog but we must get at least our projects up and running. I want this year the blog to be more relaxed and a small number of members that do enjoy the blogs that is now in it's 3rd year would also like this year that we just add a few photos of ourselves, our family and our four legged friends, unless of course someone has a kangaroo !! lets make it fun and let it be a laugh and a chill out space for us all to enjoy each others company, projects and hobbies.
Love Tara xxx


  1. Thanks Tara for sorting this blog out for us. I did enjoy the one that Gaynor originally did where I finished by dreaded motorbike. I have so much started to will have a quick look to see what I am most desperate to finish.

  2. Thanks Kath yes thats how i want this blog to be back to the old times....emailing you now xxx

  3. Thanks for sending me the link so that I can be a member of this blog again, looking to see what I want to finish first!!


  4. Omg Kath thats a hard one i should of made the SAL 2013.....2020 !! Remember girls that i have not put up the rule that you have to stick to the same one if you do feel you need to change always do so...hey i have a new saying "Don't sweat the small stuff" was a fab book i read xx