Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Hi everyone! My name is Linnea and I live in California.
It has been quite cold here lately. Colder than usual it seems like.
Last time I was working on a teddy bear picture. 
I slacked off on it due to not being able to see the stitches very well.
I may get back to it. 
But in the meantime I found this project sitting around and I had
forgotten that I actually started it at one point.
I am doing the Swedish translation of WELCOME
since I am 1/2 Swedish.

Good luck to all of you on your projects!



  1. Oh how pretty. Good luck with getting it finished.
    I came by from your comment on my Blue Monday today. Thank you for visiting. Isn't the quilt and chair just so pretty. It is a Fon's and Porter quilt. I enjoyed putting the post together. I really didn't need a nap today. LOL. I just wanted to post Blue beds and wanted a theme! Thanks again for visiting come by anytime. I try to post something encouraging everyday!
    Have a wonderful week,