Saturday, 5 January 2013

My Christmas Stocking

Well I'm not actually stitching it for me it's for my youngest daughter who will be 20 on Monday lol I have 2 of the shepherds bush christmas stocking kits one for each daughter (my other daughter will be 30 in March) and before you ask NO I haven't had these kits since they were young, I bought them a couple of years ago and they have just got buried under other stash. I started this at the start of December 2012 and my aim is to have stitched both of them by Christmas 2013. Watch this space.

Love Kath x


  1. I also have 2 of these stockings one for me and the other for my hubby had them about 4 years one day I will start them


  2. I must admit its easy stitching as the count is big but I hate using 4 strands lol

  3. I have all the confidence in you Kath xx