Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Intro post

Hi all. Im Sierra. I'm a working mom of a toddler boy and a husband, so my stitch time is limited to just a few hours a day.  I have been stitching on and off since my nana taught me when I was about 9.  I have a few WIPs, but for this blog, my focus is Japanese Garden by Martina Rosenberg (chatelaine). I am getting to the end of it, so I really hope I can finish it this year. I have that border I am working on to do all the way around, then I have to bead the entire piece.  Sorry for the quality of the photo, it is winter in Ohio, so not much good light.



  1. Hi Sierra and a big warm welcome being a mum to a toddler you really do need some you time and time to chill, that is one very stunning project very detailed i to started my sewing around age 10, do you have the completes photo so i can add it to you to the right hand side panel ? If so please email it to me taralindsay2011@hotmail.com
    Many thanks keep up the good work.
    Love Tara x

  2. Boy what a great piece, very brave stitching on dark fabric hopefully you will get it finished as you need to post a picture every week so we can cheer you along.