1. Please email Tara and/or Chris and tell us a little about yourself and your stitching project. Please include your blog address and a picture of your stitching piece.
  2. Please give us 24 hours to set up your membership.
  3. You will receive an email invite from one of us through Blogger. Follow the link to accept the invitation. Blogger requires a Google account for contribution, and instructions will be provided in the email on setting up an account if you do not have one.
  4. Once you are a member of the blog, please do an initial post and tell the members about yourself. :)

  1. The Progress Picture Post is started every Sunday. Anyone is welcome to start this post but all progress pictures for the week are to be added onto the SAME update post. To do this, please EDIT the post and add your thoughts and WIP to the bottom of the post.
  2. To comment on each other's progress and WIPs, please use the COMMENT section.

  1. HAPPY DANCE TIME!!! Please start a separate NEW POST for this happy occasion and we would love to comment and celebrate with you.
  2. Joyce will add these finishes to the FINISHES tab (at the top of the home page) and this will be a just "show off" spot for pictures of our finishes as the year progresses.

If you have finishes (be it stitching, crocheting, knitting, etc) that are not part of our 2011 SAL that you would like to share, please email these pictures and any pertinent information to us and we will add it to our Other Finishes tab.

Real life happens... we get crazy busy at one time or another or unexpected situations surface. If you cannot stitch or need a break please leave a message under the comments section EACH WEEK. In addition to being friends in stitches, we would love to be supportive of whatever you are going through.

Because of our large numbers, conversations should be posted in the comments section only. This will ascertain that our weekly posts acts as a showcase for our WIPs.

If you need a break of more than a month, please keep Tara and Joyce apprised.

We would like to keep the sidebar with active WIPs and blog links of active members. If you have been out of touch for more than a month, we will regretfully have to delete your membership.

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