Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hello all!

Hi everyone and thanks so much for the invite to join the 2013 Stitch along! I am so excited to be here even though you've not heard from me for ages you still invited me over here, so I'll make myself comfy. I do hope I've done this post correctly, as I have not been on the stitch along for so long that I've forgotten.

I am still working on Tiger Pool which I started in July 2011...I know, I'm terrible aren't I but I had a long time off from stitching due to personal problems. However I am now back into the swing of it all and cannot wait to get this one finished as I have my next project all planned out!

This is my progress so far on Tiger Pool, I did the tigers eyes on my last round of stitching but a lot of the bottom part of his face has been done this time around, I am working hard on this.

This is sure to keep me motivated and I'm looking forward to seeing all your work too, I am loving seeing what you're working on :)


  1. Hi Danielle lovely to have you and can't wait to see tiger pool finished you have done still a fair bit on it so well done.
    Love having all my girls back on the blog.
    Love Tara xx

  2. That will be beautiful when it is finished!


  3. Danielle please email me the photo of the finished projects so i can add it to the right hand side bar.
    Love Tara x