Sunday, 13 January 2013

Update 13.1.13

Hi Ladies

unfortunately I havent a update of my christmas stocking as it seems that I have failed to pick it up this week. The reason being is that I am addicted to my wool draught excluder which is also cross stitch possibly because the sooner I get it stitched the sooner I can stop the draught around my feet whilst sat on the sofa stitching. Hope you dont mind but I will show you my up to date photo of the draught excluder

sorry for some reason i can turn the photo around but i think you get the picture lol I look forward to seeing wha everyone has been up to.

We have snow forecast for tonight so I am doing a snow dance as if its going to snow then I want it to come down heavy so now work for me tomorrow haha

love kath x


  1. Love that draught excluder Kath and don't blame you for getting it done quickly, its brrrrrr here and the snow hasn't arrived yet! LOL
    Chris xx

  2. Well Done Kath lol not a problem at all at a picture of that one to on the side bar and keep your stocking up aswell we can all multi task, i will not tell you how lovely the weather is in Spain and i was not sat in the sun having a small wine today !!! As for my weekly update yes i have done some sewing but desk full of paperwork at this moment cause i have loads of silly people that want to book holidays so i will get my post up tomorrow for my update.....LADIES WHERE ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR SIDE PROJECTS AND UPDATES xx