Tuesday, 5 February 2013


Hi Girlies,
First of all i am feeling a lots brighter kidney stones still there but not as painfull and slowly dislodgeing themselves so sorry for my absence and i just did not have the energy to go on the computer.

Second of all i would like to say well done to everyone for keeping on top of their posts and projects so great going ladies i'm proud of you and i'm the one who gets the slap on the hand for missing a weeks update.

And THIRDLY i wish to slap both Kath and Jayne on the back of their hands you horrible girls due to not being able to do my cross stitch as it was to annoying whilst i was ill i thought i would try a bit of knitting which i have never done before in my life......now thanks to you TWO KATH & JAYNE  the carousel has made it to the back of the wardrobe and i have got the KNITTING BUG !!!!! so therefore i am also doing a patch knitted blanket have 7 patches all together and all different colours....and also doing this fan stripped scarf....i haven't got the photos yet so will get the camara out and update with my knitting bug !!! It really is an evil craft and so addictive........so beware girls i might be emailing you for patterns (easy ones) until this bug has passed.

Have a great week ladies.
Love Tara xxx


  1. When I don't feel well I knit!! Its theraputic, so carry on knitting.. looking forward to seeing what you've done
    I have just bought the 200 squares book and it is fantastic.
    Great news that you're feeling better.. take care and don't over do it.
    Chris x

  2. Chrs there is a 200 square book with crochet squares too. I got it but can't remember how to crochet so it's back to basics for me lol