Friday, 11 January 2013


Thank-you for inviting me to participate this year again, this is just what I need to finish a project, I started to stitch this last summer in the hope of giving it as a Christmas present but I have only managed to stitch half of it and had to give the person involved something else with the promise something else is to follow so I really need to finish it pronto, she collects biscornus and I thought this would be a spectacular addition to her collection it is by Just Nan and called the Emma and Eliza meet the Owls of October.

This is how much I have stitched I have managed nearly 3 of the Owls and will start number 4 tonight.

I work shifts and at times it is hard to find time to stitch, I didn't do much last year as I was doing a course at work which involved alot of studying. Here is a picture of one of my dogs she is a 7yr old miniature Jack Russell called Penny I  also have a Border Terrier as well called whisky he is 12 but was hiding when I took penny's picture.



  1. Hi Jayne,
    Loving the project i love owls but also loving Penny when i got our puppy i must admit i did look into getting a jack russell first. You must add a photo of Whisky to, the last full project i actually stitched was my cushion for my wedding !!! I must put it up as no one got to see have really realised recently how much i love my sewing and i do have time to do a few stitches a night in between a hectic life but sewing is so relaxing i got so addicted to Facebooks bejewelled blitz i would get my sewing out to do but end up playing the stupid game !!!! Have closed my facebook account down for a while so i can pay more attention to myself, my family and my pets. Me time and blog time is good we get to speak and chill out. Love Tara xx

  2. Very colorful owl! You are making progress!