Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Hi Ladies, I do not have a stitch done was taken ill on Friday although i was feeling not to great the whole week, Friday started with severe pain in side and back, tipping medicine cabinate up side down and taken what ever would help ....NOTHING i know i've got two children but was lucky and had cesareans with the both of them so i cant really comment on child birth but oh my lord what agony, so theres hubby and mum at 1pm in the afternoon telling me to go to A & E and me telling them no it will go away, ok dragged myself to bed the blo..dy pain didn't even knock me out...come 4 am one decides that maybe i should of gone to A & E hours earlier, so theres me and hubby sneaking out of the house at 5 am in the not to waken any one including the pup, we has hurricane winds on the way luckly our hopsital it 10 minutes away, so there i was in p jams wheel chair rushed in and put on pain killers kept me in for 5 hours pain killer were a treat so said i was fine can i go home !!!! wrong move they said i have kidney stones gave me meds and antibiotics and sent me home my god i have been dying all weekend and in bed cant move at all, only reason i'm sat here at laptop hubby just collecting me to take me back to hospital to get better pain relief. I do not intend to stay in just wants some knock me out pain killers and i'll be fine will pray with my Angels and ask the spirit for a guide. Right i'm off ladies.....wheres everyone elses update !!!....Kath i so need a nice knitted patchwork blanket to curl into pmsl xxx Love you all xx


  1. Omgosh Tara how awful for you and very painful. I hope you do get some stronger pain relief.. get well soon.
    Chris xx

  2. Omg are kidney stones the same as gall stones? I was told after a back X-ray I have gall stones as I would KNOW when they were causing problems. I'm worried now lol

    Sorry Tara I'm hoping your well soon as I don't knit very fast lol

  3. Oh dear Tara! Hope you feel better fast! No fun to be in so much pain.

    Take care,

  4. Sorry to hear you are unwell kidney stones are painfull keep taking the pain killers regularly to keep on top of the pain,

    Kath gallstones can cause a lot of pain, you need to follow a low fat diet and then they should remain quite.