Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Any Body Out There?

Anyone out there still? I have not seen posts for a long time here. I am guilty as well. But for 2014 I am hoping to get some UFO's finished. I have too many piled up. That includes crochet, sewing and using the French knitter. 

Here are some pictures of a project. I made over several times before I was satisfied with it. I slipped the tube over a fabric covered headband and did a second one using the same colors. They were gifts this Christmas to my granddaughters. Unfortunately I forgot to take after pictures before sending them off. I have others in the works and when the are finished I will try to remember to take pictures.

What have all of you been doing this past year?
And what do you hope to get done?



  1. Hi Neabear, I have several pieces that needs to be finished this year so will sort out some photos and join in... your beading is looking interesting I haven't seen something like that before, very pretty.
    Chris x

  2. I will post pictures of the ones I am currently making so you can see how it looks as a headband. I thread the beads on the floss first before starting the project.